Everyone wants somewhere they can call home!  The same is true when it comes to those with special needs and circumstances.  Many with special needs are either too independent to stay in a group facility or not quite independent enough to live by themselves. In most cases the challenges they face are too numerous for them to handle alone because they do not have the means, resources and assistance to change their situation.


We believe we have the solution! For the past 7 years Freedoms Lifestyle (FL)  has successfully developed a Semi-Independent Program (SIP).  We launched the program in November of 2007 starting with 12 clients who were placed in 6 fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments. The apartments are shared by a roommate to help reduce living expenses. FL sponsors and staffs this program.  We worked hard to keep the costs well within each client’s budget.  As a result, they didn’t have to worry about their credit worthiness and could better manage their finances with staff support.  Our clients are assisted 16 hours per day by onsite support which includes: transportation and community living assistance (CLS).  Today, over 40 clients have gone through this program with some of them now living totally independent.



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